Manasquan NJ

asshole chain floor press
asshole chain floor press

Above, Mike Gudango, co-creator of GI Nutrition Supplements, Shown Floor Pressing 225 lbs + 360 lbs of chains, now being offered at The Underground in Edison, NJ.

OK – Pretty fired up at the poor nutrition habits I’ve been seeing at the gym lately, which in turn has resulted in less than optimal performance.

The Underground Nutrition and Workout Packet is almost done and all of our members will have it in their hands next week.

In addition, you’ll see we’re carrying THREE things to supplement your training AND nutrition.

These are supplements, they do NOT replace anything – the better your nutrition is, the better results you can expect in your performance physically AND mentally.

These supplements are not just ANY BRAND, they have been developed through years of in the trenches experience and research with combined efforts of the best athletes and nutrition experts.

These are not for all of you though, so connect with me in the gym and we can discuss the best reccomendation for you.

See you at The Underground Bruddahs!



PS: Some of you show up to the gym half asleep, you’ll need the pre workout formula. Those of you training intensely here AND at CJA Wrestling club, you’ll need the recovery formula. Let’s get BUSY!