Manasquan NJ

If you have ever heard of the 80/20 rule, you’ll notice it applies to almost everything. I won’t say “everything” as nothing is truly universal.

But, today, we had a scheduled trial.

Trials are scheduled to test the incoming clients and his / her parents.

We check to see the following:

  1. Do they show up?
  2. Are they on time?
  3. Is the athlete extremely hard working?
  4. Are the parents overbearing and controlling, pressuring their child beyond the norm?

If the athlete does not show up for a scheduled trial, and the parent or athlete himself doesn’t call to even show courtesy, then we KNOW they are not serious and show little to no care / respect for other people’s time.

Wanna know the truth? The majority of scheduled trials do NOT show up.

Which means that if you simply take action on a strength and conditioning program, even if the program sucks, you are very likely already ahead of the other 80% who talk the talk but don’t walk the walk.

If you’re on a proven system for developing improved strength, speed, conditioning, overall performance, etc then you are REALLY ahead of the curve.

The bottom line?

Take action!

Most people don’t and you’ll be ahead of 80% of the half assers out there!

Sounds harsh, but if this offends you, then I’m probably talking about you 🙂

Kill it!

–Coach Z–

PS: I am REALLY contemplating the idea of getting rid of our FREE trial. Tire kickers and half assers hurt the time I could spend with my current dedicated crew of athletes.

More likely than not, I’ll be conducting phone / e mail interviews before even allowing an athlete to train with us.

As always, serious inquiries only.

You must be referred by a current athlete or invited to come train with us.

(732) 379-9370