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The 6 Traits Of Our MOST Successful Athletes


I have a common saying that I share with the athletes when I want to have lessons hit home, here it is: Success Leaves Clues.

So, when I look at our MOST Successful Athletes, NOT just in Sports but in other Areas of their Life, Here are The Common Success Traits:

Tip # 1: Be Consistent All Year. Both Off Season AND In Season. Common sense tells you that you can NOT continue to get Stronger, Faster, More Explosive, etc if you don’t train for it.

Look at D1 sports. The athletes train ALL year. They don’t Stop Strength & Performance training In Season or Only train the 3 months pre season. The Best Athletes Find a way to train in season. Average athletes always bail out in season.

Tip # 2: Success Takes NO Vacations. You Must Decide as an Athlete or a Parent if you want your child to be GREAT or just to be part of the team. BIGGER Success requires Greater work ethic and dedication. This Dedication spans in ALL areas of life: Academics, Athletics, Social Circles, Nutrition, Lifestyle, etc.

Our best athletes are Hungry for Success in ALL areas of their life, not just sports.

Tip # 3: Our most Successful athletes have supportive Parents.

When an athlete or parent says “It’s too far away” or “He’s too busy” we always have a long list of people driving 45 minutes each way both in season and off season, who also have excellent grades while in AP classes.

Success is a CHOICE.

We also have athletes who live 5 minutes away who are “too busy” and have “too much homework”.

Success leaves clues. We all have 24 hours a day, some of us choose to use time in a productive manner. Our Time is the level playing field.

Tip # 4: How Do You Handle Setbacks?

If you’re pushing the envelope in sports training you will get some bumps and bruises &  some will get injured seriously. Sports have NO absolutes. Even the most dialed in athlete can get injured.

Now, how do you handle these setbacks? Do you quit and lie on the couch, sulking and feeling sorry for yourself. Our BEST athletes find a way to train around their injuries. This keeps them ready both physically and mentally.

You can find a way or find an excuse. Champions find a way!

Tip # 5: Are You Coachable?

From The youth level to The D1 level we’ve worked with athletes who are humble, open minded and hard working as well as excuse makers and complainers. Who do you think Succeeds the most? There is “the secret” right there. It ALL counts, what you do in the gym, practice, at home, in the kitchen, etc. It ALL adds up. The more good you do the more successful you will be.

If you have all the answers and don’t like to be coached then you will hit a wall and the highly dedicated athletes WILL pass you by.

Tip # 6: Details and Consistency …..

Just because you train with us doesn’t mean you will achieve the same success as our most successful athletes. The BIG success lies in the details.

–  Do you follow our Nutrition protocols ALL the time or only when convenient?

–  Do you do the extra mobility, stretching and extra training we give you to do at home or do you only train when a Coach tells you what to do?

–  Do you show up 5 minutes early and stay 5 minutes extra to do the little extras that add up to BIG victories?

 Ultimately, Success is in your hands.

We’ve trained over 1,000 athletes since 2002 and the bottom line is that YOU can be a TOP athlete. Success Leaves Clues. Take these tips and apply them starting right NOW.

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