Manasquan NJ

Yesterday we had a crew of athletes training at The Underground, and one of our athletes brought his friend.

His friend was just going to watch.

I told him to jump in and test drive it, get a workout in.

He responded, “Naaaaaaa, I’m tired”.

I said to him, “Tired? Are you varisty? Do you want to get better?”

He answered, “No, not varsity, I just want to get ready to train with you b/c I heard it’s hard.”

My reply, “You’re tired, you’re not varisty, you’re waiting to get ready to train here? You’re not the kind of athlete we train. If you want to win what better time than NOW is there?”

As you can tell, I was pissed off.

I am annoyed by laziness and procrastination.

Where is the fire and burning desire to win?

Pass a f-r-e-e workout up because you’re tired?

Can you really be successful with this attitude?

Our job at The Underground is to get YOU stronger, faster, more explosive, tougher and in excellent condition.

We don’t care how “ready” you are when you show up, that’s OUR job, to get you ready.

You just need to take action and want it bad enough.

This kid sat there reading a newspaper.

I am apalled at this lack of motivation, lack of passion and lack of drive to succeed.


Kill it!

–Coach Z–

PS: Do you want it bad enough? Maybe you’re a parent reading this. Are you helping your child compete at his / her best?

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PPS: Imagine how successful athletes would be if they had the type of drive in the video below…..Just imagine…