Manasquan NJ

The eve before our Lost Secrets of Strength Seminar, Strength & Performance Coaches flew in to visit and learn how we train at The Underground Strength Gym, some flew in as far as California!

They planned to watch our workouts but the lure pulled them in and before you knew it our athletes and visiting coaches were tearing it up and took over the entire parking lot.

Check out our Wrestlers and Football players going through some training as they prepare to kick ass come “Go Time”.

If I were the opponents of these athletes I would fear for the day I get in their way, it could get ugly, in fact, it WILL be ugly.

Just last week I cranked a 20 minute bodyweight experience for the wrestlers of The CJA Wrestling Club, something I do every 2 – 3 months.

It’s still amazing to see just how many of these wrestlers struggle with their own bodyweight yet take no action to improve their weakness.

Those who take that extra step to climb the ladder of success reap the rewards, while others will never take the extra step. There are athletes like this in all sports and people like this in ALL walks of life.

The action taker  jumps up the ladder of success and gains the advantage. Smart 🙂

If you’re reading this and you attended last week’s CJA session where I took you through a workout, maybe you’re ready to see if you’ve got what it takes to become part of our private club. Be ready though, there is an interview process first and not everyone is accepted.

For most athletes, the commitment and intensity required of them is too much, for the select few who have what it takes, they often become some of the best athletes in the state.

Until the next time…

–Coach Z–

PS: Are you highly motivated and dead set on becoming one of the best? If so, you may call us or e mail us to schedule a possible interview, first by phone, next in person. Serious inquiries only please.


PPS: Please read more about our membership options, investment and who we accept into our program prior to contacting us. Click HERE.