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The Importance of Strength Training for In-Season Athletes

Many athletes and their parents are quite often worried about too much stress on the body during their sports season. They are right to be concerned, but they are mistaken to completely ditch their strength and conditioning program.

When an athlete is trained properly, he / she CAN handle in season strength training. In fact, this athlete will THRIVE and make progress while the competition begins to regress as the season continues.

But, an athlete who eats poorly, is inconsistent with strength & conditioning and has a “good enough” attitude towards training will never succeed at the highest levels.

And who wants to be good enough, right?

Being Stronger, Faster, More Confident & Less Susceptible to Injury is always a BIG advantage for athletes!

A properly designed and implemented strength and conditioning program during the IN Season is key for an athlete’s performance and health throughout the year, ESPECIALLY during the times they are in season.

Here are 4 Crucial Reasons Athletes Should Continue Strength & Conditioning In Season If They Want to Win More:


The Strength base is the foundation for an athletes sports performance: Speed, Explosive Power, Confidence……

Who wants to be weaker than the competition? NO Strength Work in season = Getting Weaker.

When you do not strength train for 2 – 3 weeks, the athlete will begin the process of losing strength, losing flexibility, endurance, confidence and sometimes athleticism & coordination is lost as well (depending on their sport).

Using proper in season strength training with short workouts, 1-2 times a week (some of our highly motivated athletes train more) during the season, depending on the sport being played, will help build upon the athlete’s off season Improvements and can even increase them farther.

An athlete should always be looking to increase their performance in season.

After all, The Season is what you’ve trained so hard for all through your off season.

In College, ALL athletes train year round. College athletes & coaches KNOW that this is crucial for having the physical and mental edge over the competition. But, for high school athletes, too often their parents pull them from in season training and tell us later, this was a big mistake they wish they never made.

Some of our athletes only train once a week for 25 minutes on average.

More is not better. Better is better when it comes to training athletes.

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Reducing your chances of injury is something all athletes are paying attention to.

Parents as well. The injury rate of athletes has increased dramatically through the years due to too much sports skill practice and not enough joint / muscular strength.

Almost all sports will cause muscular imbalances that can lead to injuries. Through receiving proper coaching, an athlete can improve their imbalances which improves sports performance. By improving your muscular imbalances you will reduce the risk of injury.

Training in season will improve the recovery of the athlete.

Athletes are bound to get sore and beat up during their seasons. The best medicine for an achy body and muscles is movement to bring blood flow and range of motion. A proper workout will help ease this soreness, and keep the athlete ready to perform.

The goal of our in season strength program at The Underground Strength Gym is to improve your sport workouts / practices, NOT to take away from your sports performance.

Our motto is you’re done before you’re done.

Training optimally in season, NOT maximally. This type of smarter training improves your recovery and improves your performance.


One of the biggest benefits of strength training is not the physical, but the mental strength you will develop and build upon.

In Season Strength Training creates a sense of confidence and mental toughness within the athlete that is above and beyond the competition who is not strength training in season. Training in-season will keep this mental edge and a dramatic leg up on the competition.
As you can see, in season strength training has powerful benefits when properly implemented.

Here is something to remember while wondering if you should come in and train…

“Doing a short 25 – 45 minute in season workout is 100% more than doing nothing to get better.”

If you want to be GREAT….

If you want to Win More…..

If you want the opportunity to achieve your best, then there truly is NO option.

Find the time to train in season while the competition finds excuses.


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