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Scotty Training at The Underground
Scotty Winston Training at The Underground Strength Gym

1. Train for Strength. You can learn all the technique in the world, but, if you run into an oxe of a wrestler, he will stop you dead in your tracks. Being stronger helps beyond simply being strong and ends there. Added strength improves your power, decreases chances of injuries and makes your mentally tougher. Most of all, greater strength gives you greater confidence.

2. Develop your own unique style & technique of wrestling. This is the opposite of # 1. Sure, you can be strong as an oxe, BUT, you need technique as well, allowing you to properly utilize your strength. Develop new wrestling skills (greco, freestyle AND folkstyle as well as Judo). If there is a high quality wrestling club in your area, get the critical skill training into your overall training plan. If you already go to a wrestling club, try training elsewhere. MANY wrestlers get comfortable competing against the same guys and hence they limit their growth technically as well as mentally.

3. Compete Regularly. Don’t wrestle or lift with wrestlers who can not challenge you, you will NEVER improve that way. Often times we see highly successful wrestlers are a direct reflection of their training partners both on AND off the mat. That is what makes The Underground Strength Gym so unique. Someone is always better than you or trying to beat you. You can’t rest on your PAST success. When was the last time you competed?

4. Play other sports. Too often wrestlers burn out because they never take a break from the mat. I’ve seen countless great wrestlers cross train in various sports such as soccer, gymnastics, judo, baseball, football, spring track…. Wrestlers require athleticism. I also know wrestling is very demanding not just physically but also psychologically. You can train year round as an athlete through strength & conditioning, but wrestling year round tends to cause burn out.

Rope Climbing at The Underground
Rope Climbing at The Underground Strength Gym

5. Train Like an Animal. Run, jump, crawl and climb. Stop training on machines and isolating muscles when you need to focus on powerful movements such as hill sprints, pull ups, rope climbs / pole climbs, jumping, etc. The training utilized at The Underground Strength Gym is tailor made for each wrestler and his individual needs. The heavy guys train differently than the lighter guys. The wrestler who lacks confidence gets trained differently and the multiple time state champ doesn’t get to sit on his laurels, that’s for sure.

6. Develop “Farm Boy” Strength. Use odd objects such as stones, sandbags, tractor tires, heavy wheelbarrows, buckets, sledge hammers etc to develop a different type of strength. Your grip will be challenged constantly and your entire body will be pushed to work as a unit to lift in this manner. At The Underground Strength Gym we use various training tools and training methods to develop the entire wrestler in a rapid time frame.

Other Coaches don’t understand how and when to adjust training programs to ensure the wrestler doesn’t adapt to his training program and stop making progress.

In addition, training on your own or in a local gym won’t push you outside your comfort zone. In the end, you won’t develop the special strength you need as a wrestler compared to the wrestlers of The Underground.

7. Train for Speed. Once technique is on point it’s time start moving the weights as fast as possible. When using bodyweight movements use the same principle, develop control first, then, begin using explosive bodyweight drills for the development of speed and power.

A high level Coach understands the difference between explosive lifting vs sloppy, uncontrolled lifting.


8. Train the Mind. Surround yourself with like minded wrestlers who are highly motivated and positive thinkers, talkers and doers. Read books that motivate you and tell you stories of athletes overcoming adversity. Train your mind to bounce back from set backs or losses quickly rather than dwelling on the negative. If the mind has powerful thoughts your success on the mat will multiply BIG time.

A high level Strength Coach will help you understand proper goal setting to ensure you reach your true potential on the mat. This often times means brutal honesty from the Coach and honesty with yourself.

9. Take Action. It amazes me to see countless wrestlers speaking of lofty goals such as wanting to become all state or wanting to be an All American in college yet they do NOT do the work to help them achieve these goals. Our wrestlers mostly train 2, maybe 3 times a week at The Underground, that’s only 2 or 3 hours a week enabling you to get the edge over your competition.

The reason why we get results so fast is rooted in our experience. With knowledge greater than the age of most Strength Coaches, we have a keen understanding of what works and what doesn’t, and we never stop learning. NO egos.

Sure, some wrestlers train more often than 2 – 3 x week, but, the majority of our wrestlers have had GREAT success with only an extra 2 hours of training a week.

In the end, this is what it takes: Don’t talk about success. DO what it takes to achieve that success.

In Strength,


PS: To train at The Underground Strength Gym you need to be highly dedicated, highly motivated and have supportive parents. Space is limited & serious inquiries only.

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