Manasquan NJ

I always have this echoing voice in my mind from a Navy SEAL program where the instructor told the boat crew who kept losing, “Just find an Excuse to WIN!”

Normally, we find an excuse to quit.

Excuses are everywhere, how about we find a bigger WHY, dig deeper and find a REASON to fight and WIN.

I promise the pain of regret will haunt you for a lifetime.

This week while you’re on break from school, that’s the ticket.


Let the competition find an excuse, you must dare to be great and that always means your path will be different.

Another tip……

I was listening to an interview with world bronze medalist wrestler, Nick Gwiazdowski, who was a college national champ as well.

He spoke about how his goals kept evolving in high school and the big change was when he placed in states, he realized it wasn’t as big a deal as he once thought.

He realized that if he’s going to states, he might as well go there to WIN.

Prepare, Perform, Prevail.

Train to WIN.

Some of you show up and I can tell,  you’re just there for a “workout”.

You’re NOT “training”.

TRAINING has a specific goal and you’re training for something, to achieve something.

A workout is what you do with no real goals or intentions of achieving something GREAT.

We will see you this week!


Live The Code 365,

Zach and Team

PS: In Season or Off Season Training?

Well, this is NOT a commitment to The Underground Strength Gym.

It’s REALLY a commitment to yourself.

When you look at your training at just a sometimes thing, or a convenience thing, well, your results will
always be up and down.

Work hard enough and become GREAT, that’s how this investment pays off.

College Scholarships and more.

Get after it. Success is Not an accident.

PPS: Forward this blog to Coaches and Parents of athletes.

Your support in spreading the word means the world to me!