Manasquan NJ

Rosa today!
Above, Anthony Rosamilia used to be 88 lbs, today he weighs 145 lbs! Nutrition was a KEY role in his success.

When you become a new athlete at The Underground Strength Gym your parents receive a welcome packet with nutrition guidelines to improve your success while training here.

The nutrition guidelines increase your energy level, increase your strength and lean muscle gain, improve recovery and overall speed your progress.

It is up to you to follow through and take action. Be self motivated and follow these simply yet highly effective guidelines.

Here is a great video of a seminar that The Guru did at The Underground Strength Gym in Edison last year. Take notes and take ACTION.

There are CRITICAL points being made here regarding:

– Sleep

– Over Training

– What to Eat & WHEN to Eat

– Burning Fat

– Building Lean Muscle Mass

[youtube width=”640″ height=”360″][/youtube]

The Nutrition Treatment Center – Info HERE