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Kyle Snyder just became America’s Youngest Gold Medalist in Wrestling at age 20.

At age 19 he won The World Championships and The National Championships in Wrestling.

To put this in perspective, I’ve seen MANY parents hold their son back and switch around schools and we see 19 year olds who are NOT winning state or even conference titles.

The bottom line: You can NOT avoid the work and dedication, regardless of the “age advantage”.

In this 9 minute documentary video on Kyle there are MANY lessons you can and should pick up on.

The biggest tip on Kyle’s reason for success is when you hear the coaches talking about Kyle’s dedication being on Level 10 while others are on level 4 or 5.

And this description of his behavior: “He understands hard work, he understands responsibility, if he makes a mistake there’s no blame, he goes back and fixes the problem…..”

Watch the Video …..

[youtube width=”700″ height=”400″][/youtube]

What level are YOU on?

How hard are you pushing in training?

How often do you set goals, revisit goals, reassess your training to ensure you achieve your goals?

Are you a level 10 on Nutrition? Most are on level 2 or 3 if we want to be honest.

What about your lifestyle?

Opportunity is ALWAYS knocking for ALL of our athletes. This movie is NOT just about wrestling, it’s about being the BEST YOU that YOU can be. Watch it MANY times and you’ll keep learning more lessons. Of course, ultimately, you must take action with those lessons.

You’re either an action taker or an excuse maker. You can’t be both!

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