Manasquan NJ

Most athletes can not perform 1 full range pull up. Here we have a large crew of NJ athletes at The Underground cranking a pull up contest to earn their Underground T Shirt. Notice they all do a minimum of 10 pull ups, with others getting near 20 and over 20 pull ups.

By the way, this was AFTER they finish their workout, when they were NOT fresh. Food for thought……

Tests have shown that the athletes who can perform the most pull ups often have the fastest 4 yd dash times.

The correlation is simple, get stronger and train for speed and athleticism and you will be FASTER regardless of the sport you play.

Speed is relevant to your strength. Stronger muscles produce more force. Speed is about force production.

Bottom Line: Do you wanna get faster, stronger, mentally tougher and highly conditioned?

The Underground is where it gets done.

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