Manasquan NJ

Football players, wrestlers, baseball players, basketball players and track athlete swent through some Hellish conditioning at the end of their workouts this week with the prowler suicide challenge.

Check the vid and see for yourself…

The competition was fierce as the athletes battled for pride, bragging right and the rare and coveted Lost Secrets of Strength T Shirt.

Times were close BUT the winners emerged and there can only be 1 winner!

Jonathan Black, an 8th grader entering Bishop Ahr High School prepping for Football and Wrestling shocked EVERYONE and took the Gold during the 5 o’clock wrecking crew, one of the toughest and busiest training groups we EVER had!

The Man on a Mission, Mike Crusco, was super confident and with his work ethic and newly found strength and muscle, who wouldn’t be! The beast from Metuchen Basketball took home the Gold and talked trash the entire time!

The 7 o’clock crew REALLY got a shocker as Baseball player, Rob Pepe of Bishop Ahr shocked EVERYONE and took the Gold with a 38 second Prowler Suicide Sprint! Robert was the ONLY athlete to break the 40 second mark!

These athletes are on a mission to WIN.

Are you on a mission for the Gold?

It’s the only way to go and you need an edge, an advantage, we give it to you.

In Strength,

–Coach Z–

PS: Space is limited, but we are looking to open a few slots in The Underground Strength Gym ONLY for Serious Athletes.

You can contact us to schedule an interview after you have read the “Join Our Gym” page.


2 Responses

  1. Zach-

    This workout was absolutely nuts! I can’t believe I was there for this- such an honor! To the athletes- great job, an inspiring effort. You are all complete f*cking beasts! Best of luck to Jonathan, Mike and Rob on your quest to earn your gold!

    Keep training hard, bleed in practice so you sweat during the game!

    – Chris