Manasquan NJ


Above, Mike Skibniewski lookin’ lean & mean enroute to a 3rd place finish the Country for the 100 Meter Fly.

Training for sports takes a much different training regime than what happens at the local commercial gym. Each athlete needs his weak areas addressed.

This means different exercises, the right sets and reps, the right intensity, mobility for problem areas and more…

It doesn’t matter who has tires, kettlebells and ropes. My 96 year old Uncle has kettlebells, ropes and tires, is he now qualified to be a Coach?

Look at the track record of your Coach. That’s what it comes down to. RESULTS.

Parents – take care of your kids and stop being duped by Coaches, former D1 athletes, fancy facilities, etc.


That’s what counts.

Live The Code: Honesty, Integrity, Commitment, Work Ethic

–Z & Team Underground Strength —