Manasquan NJ

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Final Thoughts for Underground Strength Gym Home Boys:

– Eat as recommended in this video and our welcome packet. You should have printed this out and should re-read it on a regular basis. Learn it, Live it, LOVE it.

– Perform extra workouts on your own using bodyweight exercises. Or, use the gym to your advantage. We offer you ALL UNLIMITED use of The Underground Strength Gym in BOTH Edison and Manasquan. Show up!

Below are a few videos to borrow from for Bodyweight Training on your own!

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Parents & Athletes: ANY questions on extra training or nutrition, ask me or one of the Coaches and we’ll help you get dialed in!

Also, BIG favor. If you have friends in the Manasquan / Jersey Shore area that are committed athletes AND have supportive parents, please have them e mail me for details on The Manasquan Underground Strength Gym location.

We wanna pack the place in with hard workers, just like Edison!

Live The Code


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