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Crazy training doesn’t mean stupid or sloppy.

But, there are times when you REALLY need to push the envelope.

The intensity and volume shoot sky high and you take advantage of these days when your energy is sky high.

In the video below, you’ll see some of our collegiate athletes getting crazy.

They were ready for it.

Some of them have been training with me for YEARS and have been built up to handle this type of intensity.

The smartest thing these athletes ever did was to step up and become a member of The Underground Strength Gym.


Because it gave them the edge over what their competition is NOT doing.

You come here and you do it right, all the time, every time.

One of our athletes, a wrestler from Edison, NJ, Mike Bandiero, just won his 4th consecutive Warren Hills Wrestling tournament. He dominated his way through the tournament and became Edison High School’s 6th wrestler in history to become a 4 x Warren Hills Champion.

His competition sure as heck isn’t training Underground!

What are you doing to get the edge over your competition?

Do you want to win? How badly?

Do you want to get a college scholarship for athletics?

Do you want to break records?

Then do something about it.

Kill it!

–Coach Z–

PS: Only highly motivated, dead serious athletes are accepted into our program. We are eliminating our FREE trial workouts. Too many tire kickers. What we do works. The track record has been proven for years. Time to walk the talk.

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