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This year has been quite the adventure! Only now, stopping to write about it and truly let it sink in is when I can see that this was a LONG road.

I spoke at Georgia Tech and was invited there 2 years in a row from Life Fitness and their Head Strength Coach for The Football Team. It was an honor to finally get there and experience being in such a historical place in the sports world.

I had chills when I walked up the stairs leading to their weight room, which was awe inspiring to say the least!

Great time speaking at #GeorgiaTech & now the GREATEST time of all is seeing my babies!! #FamilyFirst #LiveTheCode365 #UndergroundStrengthCoach

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I spoke at USC for Sorinex Summer Strong and my colleagues were A line up to never be forgotten ranging from some of the strongest men in the world, a former Navy SEAL, D1 Strength Coaches, an NFL Strength Coach, Former World’s Strongest Man Winner, Olympians, Hall of Fame Coaches and more…..

I also recently Spoke in Minnesota for my book publisher at their first ever Health & Strength Conference. I spoke about WHY I train athletes and how I stand up and fight for what I believe in, which is helping athletes LIVE A STRONG LIFE.

Last school year I was the Head Strength Coach for The Lehigh University Wrestling Team for the 2014-2015 season and helped them achieve a 14-6 record in dual meets, 4th place finish at
The National Duals (Beating Ohio State) and finishing  13th at the NCAA Championships with three All-Americans and Nate Brown being a finalist at The NCAA Tournament.

The Strange thing…..

Looking back at my life in my high school years, I did NOT have anyone believe in me to achieve this level of success.

No one ever told me I could achieve anything I wanted.

No one.

My Guidance Counselor told me “college probably isn’t for you” .

During senior year in high school, 1 teacher accidentally met me as she became a substitute teacher after my English teacher was hurt and had to go out on medical leave for a few months.

This teacher taught me how to write, How to put my feelings out on paper and how to go for it. And most of all, she believed in me! She helped me organize my college applications.

If it wasn’t for her, I have no clue how I would have gotten into college!?!?!

In high school, I had As mostly and a few Bs …..

BUT, I was in the average classes and finally after getting straight As my junior year in English, my teacher told me she was going to recommend me for honors English as a senior.

I actually FAILED English class my first marking period.

I couldn’t remember anything I read unless it had to do with weightlifting.

I learned that in school, no one is going to push you.

You have to push yourself.

The teachers loved having me in class because I always did my homework and always participated.

That was VERY different from the other kids in what was called “Level 2” classes. These were all the middle range classes.

I was fooled.

I thought having the honor roll every marking period year after year meant I was doing GREAT.

Until, I saw my class ranking and I was ranked dead smack at the 50th percentile.

How could this be, I wondered?

How do you get As and barely any Bs and get ranked 50th percentile?


You fool the system.

Don’t Be Delusional Because You’re a Big Fish In a Small Pond

You’re a big fish in a small pond.

You aren’t being challenged so you think you’re great.

You lift more than the kids in your high school. Great.

Then, you go to college and you’re 4th or 5th string or even worst, you don’t wanna compete in sports in college because deep down……

Deep down, you KNOW that it’s gonna take work and you won’t be the big dog anymore.

Don’t be delusional.

Somewhere else, someone else is out working you and coming for you. THAT is life.

You need someone in your corner who will push you, even when you’re dominating, you need that push….. Just like Rocky III (Watch that Movie!).

After this whirl wind of a year, there is much more ahead.

I keep challenging myself and I keep pushing to make The Underground better and better for YOU.

I know some of our parents reading are teachers.

I taught for 11 years.

It crushed me to leave but I knew I couldn’t keep trying to change the world when I saw
athletes getting embarrassed in sports and I offered my help and they kept saying, “No, we’re good, we got it.”

How good were they?

They set the state record for losses.

Kids do NOT deserve that yet I still see this happening all the time. Teams with losing records of 70-90% losing.

Would you be happy at The Underground if we gave your child results only 10% of the time?

We are ALL in, ALL the time. Nothing less.

I put the pressure on my coaches as well and they go ALL in as well.

Unfortunately, there are NOT enough teachers and coaches out there believing in kids nowadays…..

The testing and “system” exhausts our teachers, unfortunately.

I understand that many of you are put off by my passion, my intensity…..

It’s HARD to relate to unless you have this passion for life yourself.

I’m not going to live my life with a 70 or 90% losing streak and I want to see YOUR Child succeeding BIG time as well.

I’ll save Part 2 for the next time.

Here’s the article I wrote on Living The STRONG Life.


Please share with your child and friends.

Live The Code 365,