Manasquan NJ

6 Success Tips for Edison & Manasquan Athletes

I want to share a few key success tips for our athletes. Tip # 1: Keep Communication Lines open. Communicate quickly. Parents, Athletes and Coaches MUST communicate with one another on the regular and quickly. This helps avoid surprises in scheduling as well as lack of prearation. Tip # 2: Keep 2 Calendars I use […]

Manasquan Gym & Athlete Dedication Tips

Above, a GREAT quote by Walt Disney. GREAT for our athletes at The Manasquan & Edison Underground Strength Gym. During the teenage years, the athletes are primed and ready for putting on lean muscle, getting stronger, faster, more explosive and tougher. This is what I call the window of opportunity and I explain it often […]

NJ Athletes Training with Kettlebells

Kettlebells are just a tool, not the end all be all, magic bullet of athletic performance. But, when used correctly, Kettlebells can be a very effective training tool for our NJ athletes. They can be used to improve: – athleticism – strength endurance – power endurance – grip strength – core strength / trunk stability […]

Serious Athlete Training in NJ

As the owner of The Underground Strength Gym in Edison, NJ I make sure I can do EVERYTHING I expect of my athletes. I walk the talk and Lead from the Front. After training for 21 years, our athletes get more experience then their own age! My Goal is to make our athletes stronger than […]

The Best NJ Wrestlers Pimp Their Rides!

Derek DeLaCruz, a wrestler from Bishop Ahr in Edison, NJ and Ray DeLaNuez, a wrestler for Edison High have been rockin’ the Mini Vans since day 1. Hey, if Mom & Pops hook you up with a ride that does the speed limit and hits 20 MPH while driving up hill you take it! Ray […]

Strongman Training for Athletes

Finishing up a workout with our athletes on a rainy day. Can’t let anything stop us! WORK! Training side by side you see athletes from Bishop Ahr High School, Edison High School and Kean University. It’s workin’ time when you walk through the doors of The Underground Strength Gym. Kill it! –Coach Z– PS: If you […]