Manasquan NJ

As the owner of The Underground Strength Gym in Edison, NJ I make sure I can do EVERYTHING I expect of my athletes.

I walk the talk and Lead from the Front.

After training for 21 years, our athletes get more experience then their own age!

My Goal is to make our athletes stronger than I am, faster, more explosive, better conditioned and mentally tougher than I am or anyone else that dares tp step in their way.

This is a look inside a “Day in the Office” at The Underground Strength Gym of Edison, NJ, a place where ONLY serious athletes train.

If you’re a serious athlete and a honest, supportive parent who does NOT intrude then we invite you to apply for membership at The Underground Strength Gym.

As Always, Serious Inquiries Only Please.

You may apply by calling us or sending an e mail.

Space is limited and not all applicants are accepted.

Thank You.


Phone: (732) 379-9370

E Mail: