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I want to share a few key success tips for our athletes.

Tip # 1:

Keep Communication Lines open. Communicate quickly.

Parents, Athletes and Coaches MUST communicate with one another on the regular and quickly. This helps avoid surprises in scheduling as well as lack of prearation.

Tip # 2:

Keep 2 Calendars

I use my calendar on my iPhone with alerts but I also have a BIG white board in my office
with 4-6 months of calendar items listed.

This way, it’s ALWAYS in front of my eyes and I can stay reminded visually.

Get a physical calendar not just your smart phone.

Tip # 3

Plan at least 1 week ahead

On Sunday, take 5-10 minutes and plan your week ahead.

Plan the 2 – 3 workouts at The Underground by signing up and scheduling yourself.

Plan the days you need to work on big school projects.

Plan car pools or any travel needs.

The old saying, “Fail to plan and you plan to fail” is very accurate.

Be organized.

Tip # 4:

Get your clothes and lunch ready the night before.

It’s that simple.

Your morning will be organizes and much less hectic if you’re ready to go every morning.

Tip # 5:

Learn how to cook basic breakfast meals for yourself.

Your morning should be simple and organized.

But, if you can’t cook for yourself then Houston, we’ve got a problem.

– Wake up, scramble 2 eggs + cheese and make a breakfast sandwich.

– Boil water and add to 2 – 3 oatmeal packets.

– Have some fruit.

Eat Strong and you will be Strong.

There was a difference in the kids I worked with up at Lehigh U who were
farm boys or had a background in outdoors, hunting and overall being workers.

They ate stronger and had a “working man” mentality.

You can be as successfil as you want to be with the right attitude, smart training and strong eating.

Tip # 6

Sleep is KEY

Lights out no later than 10:15 PM

Get your 8 hours sleep.

Turn your phone on airplane mode and instead of electronics use after 9 PM, take that time to
read a great book, iron your clothes for the next day and prepare your lunch.

This will calm your mind and help you fall asleep easier as well as having a better quality of sleep.

These tips means NOTHING unless you DO them.

Success is a choice. It has NOTHING to do with luck.

The athlete who wins a lot is often organized in life.

The athlete who is hot and cold is the same athlete who goes to bed late, skips breakfast and is unorganized.

Every Day You Have A Choice.

Strong or Weak.

Successful or Unsuccessful.

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You have the potential. Now you have to do the required work to make it all happen.

Live The Code 365,