Manasquan NJ

Manasquan & Edison Athletes “Men In The Arena” & Navy SEAL Advice

Before I share some Great News, I want to share a favorite quote we must start implementing in our LIFE. Apply these words to your training and your life and you WILL begin achieving more success as you push outside your comfort zone. We call this getting comfortable being Uncomfortable. [youtube width=”700″ height=”400″][/youtube] CONGRATS TO […]

NJ Strength & Conditioning Success Stories – Those Who Prepare, WIN!

Schleiffer Gets His 100th WIN & 3 County Titles!! [youtube width=”640″ height=”360″][/youtube] Mike Jennings Gets 3rd Consecutive County Title! Plungis Wins Tournament After 7 Days of The Flu! I LOVE getting these e mails, text messages and success stories from our athletes! LOVE it! I am proud of ALL of you, NOT because you take […]

NJ Athletes Separated at Birth?

BOTH Ray Jaz and Shawn Orzechowski seem to have been separated at birth. BOTH of these Undergrounders arrived for their workouts wearing 20 lb weight vests and proceeded to go through their entire workout wearing their vests! Ray Jaz is the freshman 103 lb varsity wrestler for The South Plainfield Wrestling Team. He’s one of […]

Edison, NJ Wrestler Wins GMC Wrestling Title

Ray DeLaNuez was on a mission to win the GMC wrestling tournament this past weekend. He was training at The Underground 2 x week in the off season in combination with club wrestling. In season we went to 1 x a week workouts but as The Middlesex County Wrestling tournament came closer, Ray DeLaNuez stepped […]

The Best NJ Wrestlers Pimp Their Rides!

Derek DeLaCruz, a wrestler from Bishop Ahr in Edison, NJ and Ray DeLaNuez, a wrestler for Edison High have been rockin’ the Mini Vans since day 1. Hey, if Mom & Pops hook you up with a ride that does the speed limit and hits 20 MPH while driving up hill you take it! Ray […]

Underground Strength Coaches Around the World

Mike Rojas, owner of Strong 101 Gym in Riverside, Cali was 1 of the first certified Underground Strength Coaches. Check out some footage from this dude’s gym… We have certified instructors in the USA, Canada and England. Our next instructor certification course will be held in Edison, NJ, aka Underground Strength HQ. Details are here. […]