Manasquan NJ


Sometimes I sit down and just stop…..

I get into the recliner and if the house is quiet I just might be able to watch a movie…..

The other night I watched the movie Creed. I pushed back the recliner and kicked up my feet. Although I don’t think Creed came close to what Rocky III & IV did in terms of motivation, I DID get inspired watching Adonis Creed training.

As my feet were kicked up and I laid back watching Creed in training, I realized the BIG difference.

When I DID watch Rocky III & IV I was a young kid, capable of putting my body through the hellish training to prepare for combative sports.

But this time, I realized my time has passed.

I’m 40.

And sure, I can go and find something to compete in but it will NEVER be the same.


The time is NOW. Maybe you can do this in your 30s, but do you have the dedication of a Tom Hruby, driving from Indiana 1.5 hours to Northwestern at 4:30 in the morning while also being a father of 4?

I doubt it.

The truth is most people don’t wanna drive more than 15 minutes let alone 90 minutes.

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For the athletes of The Manasquan and Edison Underground Strength Gym:

– What regrets will you have at age 40 when you sit back in that recliner?

The excuses I hear now…… They are horrific at best.

And, when parents want to see their child “Dominate the competition” yet you only show up once or twice a week, then every other week you’re MIA, well, you will have a LONG list of regrets when you kick back in that recliner at age 40.

I promise you that.

As always….

You Can Have Results Or You Can Have Excuses But You Can’t Have Both!

ALL in, ALL the time.

Live The Code 365