Manasquan NJ

The Blair Wrestling Team is a national powerhouse, dominating the prep national scene for 30 years. In addition, these NJ wrestlers are moving to many D1 wrestling teams and some even become NAVY SEALs.

Under Head Wrestling Coach, Jeff Buxton, who teaches more than just wrestling, he teaches life skills, I have NEVER witnessed an entire room, of fully dedicated and motivated athletes, not even at the college level.

This video speaks louder than my words, as you can see The Blair Wrestling team going through a workout at The Underground Strength Gym in Edison, NJ.

When Coach Buxton and I connected via e mail, he was 100% open to learning new methods to take his wrestlers to the next level.

This is coming from a Coach who has a team that hasn’t lost a prep national title in 30 years!

I’ve seen teams have losing records for 5 years or more and not have 1% the motivation of Coach Buxton to help their wrestling team.

The Moral of the Story: You are NEVER good enough, you can always get better. Wrestling is part of the puzzle, strength, speed, conditioning and mental training are other pieces of the puzzle.

Are you filling in ALL the pieces of YOUR puzzle?

Think about that.

In Strength,


PS: As you can see from the video with The Blair Wrestlers, we are ALL business. Yes, we have a blast when we train, BUT, if you want to become part of The Underground Strength Gym you better be more motivated than anyone else you know. If not, you are probably not a good fit for The Underground.

If you are highly motivated and want to WIN, BIG time, then give us a call and we can schedule your trial workout.

(732) 379-9370

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  1. hey i need some workouts for my offseason workout i wrestle in high school at calvary chapel wanted some hardcore wrestling workouts tired of the old just curls bench need some good workouts to put some mad strength on