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Many people think that because we use training tools such as kettlebells, tractor tires, sandbags, etc that THIS is what gives our athletes the edge.


I know people all around the world who do the squat, bench and deadlift, yet there are a select few gyms in the world with guys squatting over 1,000 lbs, benching over 600 lbs and deadlifting over 800 lbs.

What’s the BIG defining factor here? Program design and atmosphere.

The way we organize programs revolves around bringing results in strength, power, speed and conditioning ALL year long, every week of every month.

There are many gyms near me who use tires and kettlebells as well. What’s the difference?

The difference is my understanding of what each athlete needs, how to organize their training program optimally for results in season, off season, pre season and every other week of the year to ensure these athletes peak at the correct time and get results faster than their competition.

If I didn’t have tired, sandbags, stones, etc. – guess what?

I’d still be developing athletes into Gladiators.

Below is a video of 2 wrestlers who didn’t even touch a tire, sandbag or anything else “fancy” – and guess what? They’re strength, power and conditioning is getting freaky and soaring to new levels so fast it’s not even funny!

Tires, kegs, kettlebells – they’re just tools.

Understanding how to put together a program that delivers results every week, every month and all year is what really shows what works or not.

Kill it!

–Coach Z–

PS: I’ve decided to cap gym membership at 40 clients right now. Nothing less than super serious athletes will be allowed into the program. If time allows and we have our current 40 athletes at a level we want them at, we’ll take a few more.

We’re not like other gyms where you must wait on line or train with a huge group. We want quality, and we want results. Keeping our clientele to a minimum ensures they get our best attention, nothing less.

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