Manasquan NJ

Former NJ State Champs Hunting for a National Title
Former NJ State Champs & Rutgers Wrestlers, Alex Caruso and Scott Winston post workout. 

Both locations are finalizing our new gym software via WODIFY.

Stay tuned for an e mail on the following:

– How to sign in for classes

– How to renew membership for your child

– Sunday workouts during the winter sports season

– In Season Workouts / Special Membership

– Manasquan Underground Strength Gym location schedule, moving more towards referral only to get accepted as a member.

The Most successful athletes train year round.

On again, off again? Too busy?

Yes, that’s what the majority do. And of course, to be at the top, to become a champion, you must avoid doing what “everyone else” is doing.

The majority will make excuses. The are few who go against the grain become champions and make their mark in the history books.

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Winter sports are around the corner.

You’re either going to be part of the “I’m too busy” or you’re going to blaze your own path as a champion and train year round.

Why do I push people to step up and do more? Because I see NO reason why anyone should aspire to be average and fit in with the norm. You have the potential to be GREAT, why not GO FOR IT!