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My old Wrestling Coach from high school is back in the game, coaching at the high school level again.

Problem is, he works the kids too hard.

You’re not allowed to work kids hard nowadays.

The kids will quit.

Their parents will complain to the administration and you’ll be out of the job.

Hard Work isn’t valued as it once was. Expectations are less and people are always worried about offending others.

Boo Hoo.

This is why I run my gym the way I do. You don’t work hard, you’re GONE.

I don’t encourage mediocrity or allow excuses to be made.

Today’s Generation needs a change.

You’re either part of the problem or part of the solution. Make up your mind.

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About The Underground Strength Gym located in Edison, NJ….

The Underground Strength Gym is a RARE Coaching facility, where athletes are trained to become their best, not just in athletics but also as a person. Life lessons are taught here.

Cry babies, complainers, whiners and quitters are NOT accepted.

Non-supportive, overbearing parents are not allowed here either.

2 Responses

  1. Don’t get me started on this. Kids today with their sense of entitlement, like they are owed something. It’s just our society in general, the pussification. It’s why they give out ribbons for 8th place now. God forbid a kid feels bad because he’s lost at something. “Don’t worry Johnny, you’re a winner!” Bullshit I say. Kids don’t build character anymore, they get it handed to them.

  2. Great video! Very motivating. Thanks for sharing it. There are a lot of good kids out there who, when given proper instruction and good leadership can achieve great things!