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Let the Above Quote Sink In….. Read It Over & Over Until You Understand That Being STRONG Is The Foundation Of Your Success In Sports AND Life.

Here is the awesome thing about being a young athlete and a message I REALLY want to hit home for our Manasquan & Edison athletes.

You ALL have the potential to be Stronger, Tougher & Faster.

You have the potential to be GREAT.


It ALL depends on your follow through, your dedication and your lifestyle.

Potential means NOTHING unless you put the pedal to the medal and go full throttle.

Things that will NOT help you reach your potential:

– Skipping or dropping The Underground during the in season

– Waking up at 12 Noon all Summer

– Skipping breakfast

– Eating sandwiches all day instead of high quality, nutrient dense foods (Steaks, Fish, Eggs, Gluten Free Pasta, Fruits Vegetables, Chicken, Whole Milk, etc)

– Going to bed after Midnight

You MUST decide if you want to be great and then follow through.

Lack of follow through leads to average performance in the gym, in sports and in life.

Greatness and TRUE Strength will always transcend the gym walls. It will become part of your life.

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