Manasquan NJ

Manasquan Transformation Contest

Above, BIG Mike McCabe transformed himself BIG time in 6 weeks with changes to his nutrition and training with us in Manasquan 3 – 4 x week. Mike also works full time, commutes from Piscataway and trains after a long day at work. His NO excuses attitude and commitment is what helped produce the results […]

Transformations, Getting The Edge & College Time!

[youtube width=”640″ height=”360″][/youtube] We’ve got some BIG news happening at The Underground of Edison and Manasquan. Mike Skibs, a swimmer from Monroe will be signing his commitment letter to Penn State to keep attacking in his pursuit of excellence both in academics and swiming. Ralph Normandia of Franklin was just ranked 12th in the country […]

Edison Athletes Motivation with Rocky & Al Pacino

These guys REALLY fired me up. There is something AMAZING about kids who “get it”. They do the HARD work without anyone else motivating them, they motivate themselves from within. This is a VERY rare quality as I’ve worked with hundreds and hundreds of athletes, teams and coaches through the years. Check out the motivation […]

3 Biggest Mistakes Parents Must Avoid When Choosing A Strength Coach – Pt 2

Mistake # 2 Is your child being pigeon holed into following a cookie cutter program? Or…… Is the program being individualized for your child? Does the program continuously assess your child’s needs, looking at weak points, strong points and also the mental aspect your child needs? Athletes are ALL different. They require different coaching styles. […]

NJ Baseball Player Transformation & Success Story

Here is the e mail Chris Lee sent me after finishing his final week of training before heading to Pa to play College Baseball: Zach,    It’s Chris ” the meathead” Lee. I can’t believe it’s already time to say goodbye but it is. I leave Sunday, the 25th of August. 2 years have gone […]

Mistakes Parents Make When Choosing A Strength Coach – Pt 1

What Are The BIG 3 Mistakes Parents Make When Choosing A Strength Coach For Their Child?    Through the many years of working with athletes and seeing the explosion of strength coaches around the country I have noticed some common themes that seem to confuse parents and ultimately hurt their child’s success. As a parent […]

Nutrition Tips At The Underground Strength Gym

When you become a new athlete at The Underground Strength Gym your parents receive a welcome packet with nutrition guidelines to improve your success while training here. The nutrition guidelines increase your energy level, increase your strength and lean muscle gain, improve recovery and overall speed your progress. It is up to you to follow […]

The TRUTH About Wrestlers Cutting Weight

“Are You Running Away From The Competition?” [youtube width=”640″ height=”360″][/youtube] What Coach Chow said about cutting weight REALLY hits home! NO running away from competition NO avoiding the hard work to become a champion We want to see you succeed AND have FUN. If you’re ready to become a champion call us NOW and get […]