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Mark Schleiffer of East Brunswick (Princeton Commit) texted me yesterday after getting his 100th win!

Mark has been an all state wrestler throughout high school and has committed to wrestle at Princeton with his brother, Jon who was a 4 x All State Wrestler and a state champion his Senior Year.

I always tell parents and athletes, SUCCESS LEAVES CLUES.

What can we learn from Mark?

Here’s a List of common practices and traits I picked up on as soon as he sent me a text message.

– Mark trains year round with us. He never pulls the “I’m too busy” line during the in season.

– His grades are EXCELLENT. He has been accepted to Princeton University. He achieves Excellence in ALL areas of his life, NOT just wrestling.

– Mark does NOT live close to any of our locations and he STILL trains with us 2 x week In Season! I know kids who live IN town who don’t show up in season. Mark drives 45-60 minutes each way to train.

– Mark improves his skill training year round by training at CJA Wrestling Club w/ Gene Lezark. He has been going to CJA for MANY years, since middle school. He doesn’t bounce around to 5 different coaches. There is MUCH to be said about sticking to 1 system and LOYALTY.

– Mark is TOUGH. He is Disciplined. I never feel that the Coaches are more motivated than Mark is. This is MORE than motivation. This is called DISCIPLINE. Motivation fades, Discipline is the Strength to do what you must do, not just what you feel like doing.

Look at the above.

Do you find you are doing similar?

Success leaves clues!

How bad do you want it?

Don’t talk about it, BE ABOUT IT!

See you at The Underground!

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