Manasquan NJ

If you’re trying to prepare yourself for the upcoming wrestling season, rather than running for distance, which kills the knees and ankles, you should try the below medicine ball complex for wrestling training.

The medicine ball complex is perfect for wrestlers, as it develops full body conditioning and power endurance – TWO critical traits a wrestler needs to become successful, especially with the highly competitive NJ wrestling scene.

The wrestling med ball complex above is performed by former NJ wrestler, Dan White, who was training with us since the garage days 🙂

This was performed right before Dan was leaving to train in Colorado at The Olympic Training Center.

Dan White was actually my first Underground client back when the training began in the garage of my house in Edison, NJ.

Give the workout a shot if you wanna kick ass the way Dan did, who became a national prep champ and a Beast of the East champ.

Not too shabby!



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