In the video above, you see some seriously primitive full body strength and conditioning for wrestlers using atlas stones and sandbags.

That’s me, shouldering a 175 lb atlas stone. As the Coach, I gotta walk the talk!

Scott Winston, a Rutgers Wrestler, tears into some sandbag training.

Too many wrestlers train only their sports skill or use circuit training as their primary method of conditioning.

STRENGTH is paramount for wrestling training and should also be a focus as it will improve wrestling speed, power and overall conditioning.

The stone was used for shouldering which works the entire body of a wrestler, or ANY athlete for that matter.

The sandbag clean & press is another full body movement wrestlers and all other athletes should use.

The sandbag training engages the grip intensely, another critical area which wrestlers and ALL athletes should train.

Enjoy the Video & Please pass this web site on to other wrestlers, parents, athletes or wrestling coaches who can learn from our videos.

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