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Intensity, Passion & Commitment for Life


Some athletes only train in the off season….

Some only train 3 months before the season starts… “I gotta get ready”….

Some parents think their kids are “too busy” to train so they take a break…. Check how often they are on their cell phones all week, it likely adds up to more than 3 hours , which could be spent bettering themselves…..

Some athletes only want to train after they lose or get shocked by injury due to being too weak to compete successfully…

Then there are those who train year round, NO excuses.

Who do you think rises to the top?

These kids do……

YouTube Preview Image

Survival Of The Fittest?

YouTube Preview Image

Passion, Commitment & Intensity for LIFE

YouTube Preview Image

At The Underground we do NOT train part time, or for this event, or for that event…..

We train to be ready ALL year long.

Commitment, Passion and Intensity for LIFE

Till the next time,

Live The Code 365


Trial Workouts are Required for Acceptance Into Our Program.

Not All Applicants Are Accepted.

Referrals from Members Get Priority.

Serious Inquiries Only, Please.

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Edison & Manasquan Underground Strength Gym Athletes = RARE BREED


Why I feel the Edison & Manasquan Underground Strength Gym Athletes are a RARE BREED.

I explain in this video after being VERY inspired by the athletes this week in Edison and Manasquan Underground Strength Gym.

This will offend the excuse makers, that’s for sure.

YouTube Preview Image

Be a Rare Breed!

Live The Code



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The Champion Mindset – Stories From The Underground

Stories from The Underground…..

Brett Donner places 3rd in state from Wall

Jon Shleiffer wins Gold & becomes 4 time All State for East Brunswick. Heading to Princeton U with a 4.2 GPA

Ray Jaz qualifies for states, has well over 100 career wins, beats many all state wrestlers and 2 x state champ, heading to NYU

Kyle Wojo places 7th in state, stays after training to do extra workouts

Joey Ghione trained in the morning, the evening AND the weekends, heading to Lock Haven

Champion Mindset……

YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image

Be a champion.

Think like a champion.

Train like a champion.

LIVE like a Champion!

Live The Code 365


To Become A Member of The Underground, You Must Read the Entire Web Site.

Details HERE


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2 Mistakes Athletes Must Avoid

What happens when an athlete is sore, run down and feels weaker than normal?

Is this over training or under preparation or ____________?

There are many answers but here are the BIG 2 mistakes to be avoided and HOW to avoid them to achieve maximum success as an athlete.


YouTube Preview Image

In Strength,

- Zach & Team Underground Strength -


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They Need Help But Don’t Want It. The Problem With Entitlement


Last night I was at Shore Thing Wrestling Club.

The room was packed and as always, before I train guys, I give those who don’t want to do the work an out. I have NO desire to work with lazy athletes who are too arrogant or too lazy to train.

So, I tell them, if they have to get home because they are far away OR they don’t want to do the work, to leave. Nobody needs arrogant athletes or dead weight. It kills the energy of the room.

Yes, some have to get home and live far away, but I tell them that a short, 15 minutes of extra work is about to go down and the choice is theirs.

With no shame, many leave. They walk away.

The arrogant athletes are already too good. At least in their own head they’re too good.

They don’t need to be stronger or better. They’re already strong enough.

Imagine that? No need to improve? VERY Interesting. I could only imagine as I doubt I’ll ever be good enough at anything. There is always room to improve. 

To kick off our training, I had one of our athletes demo most of the bodyweight exercises and as the group went through the training, our Underground trained Wrestler realized something very important……

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STOP Overuse Injuries & STOP Abusing Youth Athletes

We are DONE working with the parents and coaches who are doing this to their kids. DONE!

YouTube Preview Image

If you’re child is injured and beat up, he has NO chance of becoming an athlete, you are doing a HUGE disservice to your child & need to E mail us to cancel your child’s membership.

Recommended Reading

Stop Overuse Injuries - Article HERE

Massive Increase of Overuse Injuries, Doctor Calls It An “Epidemic” – Article HERE

ATTN Parents of NJ Football Players – Help Your Child Avoid These 2 Mistakes

Time for Football Coaches to drop their egos and TRULY start caring for these kids and doing what is in the best interest of the kids. Threatening these Football Players who have worked so hard to get ahead and now to threaten them with the BS of “You need to show your face in the weight room Monday – Saturday or you’re not gonna play” is bull shyt.

When you TRULY care for the success of these kids AND your team, you will drop your ego. Parents need to step up and stop letting their kids get pushed into a crappy strength & conditioning program.

YouTube Preview Image

The kids are # 1. Period.

USGymSidebarTop3MistakesAd_01 Top3MistakesPackage3D

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Mistakes Parents Make When Choosing A Strength Coach – Pt 1

What Are The BIG 3 Mistakes Parents Make When Choosing

A Strength Coach For Their Child? 


Lehigh Wrestlers Training In 100 Degree Plus Temps, Mid Summer With A 140 Mile Round Trip! THAT Is Commitment!

Lehigh Wrestlers Training In 100 Degree Plus Temps, Mid Summer With A 140 Mile Round Trip! THAT Is Commitment!

Through the many years of working with athletes and seeing the explosion of “strength coaches” around the country I have noticed some common themes that seem to confuse parents and ultimately hurt their child’s success.

As a parent myself, the phrase “time goes too fast” is severely underrated and the window of opportunity that athletes have to achieve success is small.

These common mistakes that parents make have happened (and continues to happen) at all levels of sports, from youth, to high school to the collegiate level.

Pay attention to these critical mistakes and avoid them to give your child the best opportunity to maximize his / her success.

1) What is The Coach’s Track Record for Success?

Before you commit to signing your child up for training with a Coach, or perhaps there is a Coach at the high school your child goes to, you want to find out what this Coach’s track record for success is.

Many Coaches get hired in schools or in facilities because not so much in part due to their knowledge, but often times out of convenience. As a former public school teacher I have seen some dangerous stuff happening inside high school weight rooms that were run by the sports coach or the math teacher.

Yes, it’s great to bring a teacher or coach in who works in the schools but what’s best for the kids is a safe program, one that has been proven to be effective with a Coach who has a track record of building stronger, faster and more powerful athletes.

As a Coach and Parent, I would ask myself why these kids weren’t getting the training they deserved? People told me I “cared too much”.

I had no clue there was such a thing as caring too much.

Other times I noticed schools hiring a former college athlete to run the weight room, assuming that college sports experience is the same as being a highly qualified performance coach.

The mistake here is assuming that a high level athlete is also a high level coach.

Many high level athletes are NOT high level coaches. Being a competitive athlete and a successful coach requires different levels of experience and knowledge.

Some successful athletes who become coaches don’t understand how a less gifted athlete needs to work physically or mentally to get to that next level. They’ve never been in those shoes.

I have seen Olympic Gold medalists with absolutely NO knowledge of strength & conditioning as well as national champs who could not command attention and run a great practice.

YouTube Preview Image

Ask the Coach for his track record of success and then ask yourself the next question:

1) Does your Coach have a long term, proven track record for creating success working with athletes?

2) Are you choosing a Coach based on them being closer to home, conveniently located in the school and / or cheaper priced?

Not all, but many high school strength & conditioning coaches fill the position because a favor is being handed to them OR they work in the school district and it’s cheaper to pay them a little extra to open the doors to the weight room. 

In experienced coaches have a tendency to place every single athlete on a cookie cutter program, never addressing individual weak areas, injuries, knowledge of building a solid foundation or remotely knowing anything about safety and technique.

There is a reason a Coach is  cheap, just like there is a reason cars, clothing and certain restaurants are cheap.

Excellence is rarely conveniently found around the corner and cheaper.

Excellence takes work and your child deserves excellence. 

A powerful strength & conditioning program will address your child’s individual level of overall fitness & physical preparedness, the program will address weak areas, imbalances, injuries and most of all, the program will address your child’s level of mental / emotional readiness.

When you see athletes training at The Underground Strength Gym you’ll notice that they are all on a different program, each program tailored to that athlete’s specific sport, his / her weak areas and emotional needs. Training an athletes goes FAR beyond getting faster, more explosive and stronger.

As a parent myself, I don’t look for the cheapest coaches and what is 5 minutes away, I look for the best for my kids.

Kids deserve the best. I see no other way.

YouTube Preview Image

Committed to your success,

- Zach & Team Underground Strength -

(732) 379 – 9370

Located in Manasquan & Edison, NJ


Check Out These Success Stories

YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image

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HUGE Underground Success Story


YouTube Preview Image

Curls Farmer Walk curlsdragsmall CurlsHill TireFlipCurls

Lessons Learned Here:

- Don’t train 1 x week unless it’s the IN Season. It’s a $50 dollar difference. Step up, go for the BEST.

- Eat as outlined in our welcome packet.

- Don’t make excuses on eating & don’t blame your parents for skipping breakfast or only eating 1 sandwich at lunch.

- When you practice the warm up at home, when 10 reps becomes easy do 15 reps, then build up to 20, 3o and 50 reps in a row. Your body won’t strengthen nor will your mind until you push the envelope.

Here are some older videos of Curls in training….. Remember, once upon a time he was the slowest, weakest, chubbiest and most unathletic kid. He decided to change that and it took a LOT of work, commitment, dedication and consistency.

Ask yourself…. Are You REALLY dedicated and committed to becoming a champion in sports AND life?

YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image

From Over 6 Years Ago…..

YouTube Preview Image

Coach Chow From His Senior Year In High School….

YouTube Preview Image

Live The Code

Honesty, Integrity, Commitment, Work Ethic



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Underground Strength Gym Success & News!

Team Underground -

BIG news and BIG thanks to the parents who helped us with your success stories and feedback!

Thank YOU BIG time!!

BIG congrats to Team Underground Wrestlers, Jake Daniel & Mikey Klimkiewicz.

BOTH have been named Co Captains for next season & Mike is ONLY a sophomore!!

Mikey’s Coach is BIG tie impressed with his work ethic and commitment as are we.

Both These kids are work horses & embody the discipline and work ethic required of becoming a champion in BOTH sports AND most importantly, LIFE!!

You can see a before / after photo of Mikey right here:


We’re gonna have take another pic as Mikey has packed on a LOT more muscle since this photo.

And Jake…. This kid has been training on ONE leg for an entire month. He sprained his MCL and Doctors put a full leg brace on him, which, didn’t stop him! He trained on one leg 5 DAYS A WEEK! That’s right, he trained Monday – Friday!!

Here are some more success stories:

- Brett Donner Wrestled undefeated at Va Beach Duals!

- Luke Niemeyer went 7 – 1 at the duals, check out the facebook message his Mom sent us!!


Dedication & Commitment!

Now, let’s welcome our new athletes to BOTH our Edison & Manasquan locations!

Welcome to The Underground Strength Gym & TEAM Underground!

Giancarlo Crivelli of Pt Beach Wrestling

Vincent Storino of Pt Beach Wrestling & Baseball

Daniel Makagon of Old Bridge Wrestling

Brett Donner of Wall Wrestling

Dan Kinsella of Wall Wrestling, Heading to TCNJ Wrestling

Greg Grippo of St Michael’s U in Vt

Aidan Drury of North Brunswick (Youth)

Jake Staggard of North Brunswick (Youth)

Luke Niemeyer South Plainfield Wrestling (Youth)

Joey & Gian Ghione of Brick Memorial Wrestling

Vincent Fichera of Toms River North Wrestling


Push Ups For Charity Update!

With donations coming in from around the WORLD….. Our donations are creeping closer to the $4,000 mark! ALL our donations were sent to The Boot Campaign to benefit wounded warriors!


Team Underground Athletes & Parents -

We are honored to help you all become champions in sport AND life.

We are grateful that your parents trust us.

We will NOT let any of you down.


Parents, if you missed our last e mail, please read below.


Parents – We need your help….

Please reply to this e mail as were collecting success stories from YOU.

Tell us what training has done here for your child both physically and mentally.

Think back to when your child first started training here and where they are now.

This can be as short or as long as you want.

Just Reply and send me your message.

E Mail Us ==>

I am excited to see your reactions as we’re collecting success stories.

Thank YOU and if you have any questions or need our help on anything, say the word!

Live The Code




Work Ethic

–Z & Team Underground–

PS: Please forward this Blog Post to any friends, co workers or family members that will benefit from these tips.

Want to help your child become a champion?

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